Jesus Sign Torn Up, Crowd Cheers

4/26/08:  Raleigh NC hosted a military parade to honor the troops.  The  ~20 protesters offering a different perspective – mostly Veterans for Peace,  received little or no coverage in the news.   One peaceful protester encountered harrassment and attacks in front of police, Raleigh dignitaries, and the general parade audience,  including a young boy who swiped a sign saying “jesus said: love your enemies”  while the crowd roared with amusement and approval.  

Below find a few photos of the incident.   For the full 9 minute video, please visit:















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11 Responses to “Jesus Sign Torn Up, Crowd Cheers”

  1. Patrick O'Neill Says:

    In theory the military protects our First Amendment rights to assembly and speech. However the folks gathered at the parade behaved in a manner consistent with the behavior of people in war, just not as severe. The task of abolishing war will indeed be a formidable one.

  2. Bernadette O'Neill Says:

    May God have mercy on us. This video moved me to tears.

  3. Daniel M. Breen Says:

    Very interesting video. I was really disappointed that the police didn’t do anything to the person who tore up the sign, nor to the guy with the Marine flag who was trying to obstruct the sign. Seems like the only free speech that was being allowed in the video was free speech that was supportive of the war and the Bush administration policies. Any speech that was anti-war was being suppressed by the cops quite blatantly. When someone is being attacked and the cops who witness it doing nothing, that in my opinion is suppression.

  4. Scott Bass Says:

    I watched with my own eyes an incident earlier in the parade when a parade spectator crossed the street during the parade, shook his finger in a Dissenter’s face and ripped the sign from the Dissenter’s hands and walked away with the destroyed sign – all taking place in front of police and spectators and ‘dignitaries’ on the parade viewing stand – and the police did nothing and said nothing as the spectator walked away to the applause of the crowd.
    I later asked State Capital Police officers and they told me they would not have ignored the spectator’s actions. After the parade, I asked the Raleigh Police officer actually involved in the incident about his actions and he said he did not see the spectator’s actions and the officer actually reacted very defensively – I would even say semi-aggressively toward me in his words and nonverbals – no physical contact.

  5. Joe Says:

    “If tyranny and oppression come to this country, it will be in the form of fighting a foreign enemy.” James Madison
    “We have met the enemy, and it is us.” Pogo

  6. John Reeder Says:

    Thank you Patrick for reminding us of Jesus’ words, the very inconvenient truth that we must love not only our friends but our enemies, and that those who live by the sword, perish by the sword.

  7. Per Herngren Says:

    Greetings from the Swedish civil disobedience movement
    Thanks Patrick O’Neill for your great work! And thanks to the rest of you on this site for your work!

    I spent some really good time in prison together with Patrick for our nonviolent disarmament of Pershing II missiles 1984. Your can read about us on:

    I am part of the Swedish plowshares, but two days ago I published some information on my blog about the first plowshares disarmament in New Zealand, quite far from Sweden and the U.S.

  8. Bill Gural Says:

    I just saw some of the movie “The Pianist” with a group of seminarians and rabbinical students. One of the rabbinical students, who played the pianist’s sister in the movie, said she couldn’t help but think of Iraq.

    I wonder too if we are silently watching the war machine crush others, and am grateful for those who speak up.

    “Blessed are the peacemakers”. We all need to learn new ways to love our enemies. Speaking the truth in love is a necessary part of peace-making. How can we find peace if we pretend suffering does not exist?

  9. Dennis O'Neill Says:

    I’m proud of you. Keep it up buddy – while I understand the just reasons you are protesting; these soldiers are the good guys doing what that they are ordered to do by their superiors in the defense of all our freedom.

    Unfortunately, this war shoudn’t have been started in the first place by the Bush Administration but rather we should have gone after the bad people who attacked our friends in the World Trade Center.
    Your cousin,

  10. layellona Says:

    🙂 reflects the couple’s low-key approach to their royal connections.

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